Many times, a US or European version of a HK movie will have a different name. Sometimes this is done to give the movie a more interesting/exploitative title in order to attract new viewers, other times it is done to try and make the buyer think it is a new movie. At any rate, this area can be very confusing for both the HK film novice and expert. This list is far from complete (some movies, especially "old school" kung fu ones, can have anywhere from three to ten alternate titles), but hopefully it will be of some assistance to you.

Thanks to John Charles for providing much of the information here concerning the Arena re-titlings through a original post on the Mobius Home Video Forum. Also, thanks go out to Brian Camp, "silverfox", "joe86", "FredClau", "leo86", "Ol' Battlemonkey", "mike", Paul Kazee, Darryl Pestilence, Carl Morano, Linn Haynes, Mike Leeder, "Phil", "Sifu Tu Long", Marla Hill, Bruce Long and "BlaBlazo72" on alt.asian-movies/Mobius and through e-mail for pointing out some errors and making some additions. If you would like to contribute to the list, feel free to e-mail me.

A few notes:

Due to the dubbing, re-editing and re-titling of the movies for international release, there is some confusion as to exactly what movies fall in the In the Line of Duty series. There are several theories about the time line, but this is the one I subscribe to:

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