Broken Arrow US poster

Broken Arrow

John Travolta and Christian Slater

AKA: Operation Broken Arrow

20th Century-Fox, 1996, 108 min.

Director: John Woo
Stars: John Travolta ("Vic Deakins"), Christian Slater ("Riley Hale"), Samantha Mathis ("Terry Carmichael")
Producers: Terence Chang, Bill Badalato and Mark Gordon
Writer: Graham Yost
Cinematographer: Peter Levy
Editors: Joe Hutshing, Steve Mirkovich and John Wright

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Clip #1 ("I say goddamn, what a rush!")
Clip #2 ("Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.")
Clip #3 ("Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons?")

Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis

Major Vic Deakins seems to be a perfect soldier. He's good-looking, charming and always gets the job done. However, after being passed on for promotions one too many times, he decides to steal two nuclear warheads by creating the appearance of a "broken arrow" -- a lost warhead. Ditching the warheads in midair and leaving his co-pilot and rival Riley Hale for dead, Deakins demands millions of dollars from the US government for the return of the warheads. However, Hale is determined to stop him, and with the aid of park ranger Terry Carmichael, he turns the tables on Deakins and sets the stage for a final confrontation aboard a speeding train.

Broken Arrow was John Woo's second US film, and it's far better than Hard Target, mostly because of John Travolta's great performance as Deakins (and some great one-liners throughout the film from screenwriter Graham Yost). It's definetly not as good as most of his Hong Kong work, though -- the numerous editing errors (probably the result of having three editors -- see below) get annoying and the flatness and repitition of the desert landscape gets boring (I usually associate Woo's work with vibrant colors, and the monotone look of the desert takes away somewhat from the action). Speaking of action, there's some good stuff in Broken Arrow, particularly a shoot-out in an abandoned mine, though it isn't up to the level of something like The Killer (you're not going to see dozens of guys getting snuffed in this one). Overall, though, Broken Arrow is a good action movie that marks a major step forward in John Woo's US career.

RATING: 7.75

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