BULLET IN THE HEAD's original ending

Originally, John Woo had envisioned and shot a darker ending, but when the movie tested badly, the studio forced him to re-shoot the sequence. The end result was the "car joust" that is present on the VHS, DVD and bootleg "director's cut" versions of the movie. However, the VCD retains Woo's original ending -- the following are some screen captures along with brief descriptions.

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In the triad group's office, Paul has just been promoted to the head of the gang. He is very cocky and sure of himself.

Ben enters the boardroom carrying a bag. Paul gets nervous.

Paul lies to Ben, saying he's happy to see him. The two men hug, and Paul whispers to Ben "half of mine is yours."

Ben asks Paul about Frank. Paul lies again and says how sad he is about Frank, and how he never got to come back with them to Hong Kong.

Ben says Frank did come back -- he opens the bag and puts Frank's skull on the table.

Ben relates how he found Frank, and that he was a vegetable because of the bullet in his head.

Ben confronts Paul, asking him if killing Frank was worth the money.

Paul begins ranting about how weak Frank was, how he had to do the right thing, etc.

Having heard enough, Ben pulls out a gun and puts it to Paul's head.

Flashback to Paul shooting Frank. Ben repeats the same actions (pulling Paul's coat over his head, smothering him, etc.).

There is a series of cuts between Ben contemplating what he's about to do, the flashbacks of Paul shooting Frank, and Frank's skull.

We see Frank's skull one last time...

...and then we see a close-up of Ben's gun at Paul's head. The screen goes black and we hear one shot. The ending credits roll.

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