Bride with White Hair

The Bride with White Hair


Director: Ronny Yu

Stars: Leslie Cheung, Brigitte Lin

The story of two lovers, Lian (Lin) a witch, and a swordsman Zhuo (Cheung) who are on opposite sites of a revolutionary battle.

A frenzied mix of action and romance that is one of the most popular HK films of all time and paved the way for many imitators. The story (based on a Chinese novel) is top notch, the two leads have great chemistry together (which makes the romance believable) and the fight sequences are stunningly choreographed. If there is fault to be found with the film, director Yu does overuse slow-motion in the action sequences and, while most of the movie looks great, at other points it looks very cheap.

At any rate, this is top-notch fare and a perfect way to show someone that there is more to HK movies than kung fu and gun battles.


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