DVD cover

Bury Me High

Manufacturer: Universe

Price: $20

Sound: Dolby 1.0, Dolby 3.1

Format: widescreen

Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin

Subtitles: Chinese, English, Malaysian

Extras: trailers for the movie and "The Miracle Fighters"

This disc's visual transfer is good -- important for a movie like this, which uses such bold color and lighting schemes. Aurally, the mono mix isn't exciting (I would have liked more bass), but it's clean and clear. I tried out the 3.1 track just to see what the hell it was, and it seems to be just the mono track "pushed" out to the surrounds, which makes it sound like crap. There aren't too many extras here, but HK DVD fans have come to expect this. A fairly average product overall for an import disc.

Rating: **

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