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Director: Derek Chiu

Stars: Jordan Chan, Patrick Tam, Sunny Chan

A series of bizarre murders on some Hong Kong's top crime bosses (committed by a loner played by Patrick Tam) attracts the public's attention as they are put into a newspaper serial written by Jordan Chan. Detective Sunny Chan is put on the case and tries to use the writer to his advantage by drawing the killer into a trap.

Like a lot of Milkyway's films, this one has a sense of quirk to it. Though it is not over the top like some other Milkyway films -- it's almost like a Quentin Tarantino movie on quaaludes. And that may be why some viewers may be put off by this movie. It's pretty slow paced and deliberate about its' business. We're not talking Wong Kar-Wai slow here, but compared to some other recent Hong Kong movies, it seems kind of sedate.

Not that I am complaining much. I enjoyed watching the story of the three characters, both individually, and then together as the film draws to its' close. The script is smart with few cliches -- a nice break from the deluge of crap scripts in movies from both sides of the ocean -- and the cast's performances help things move along. Jordan Chan takes a nice break from his usual hot-headed characters, and Sunny Chan (known for roughies like Cheap Killers) suprises as the warm-hearted and compassionate cop. Patrick Tam also crates a nice minimalist performance. He's given the fewest lines to work with, but we seem to get to know him the best out of the three main characters. I also liked the way camera tricks were occasionally thrown into the mix. It was done enough to be interesting, but unlike many other recent movies trying too hard to be cool, it never went into overkill.

All in all, Comeuppance is an interesting take on a crime movie that's worth a look if you want to check out something a bit different.


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