video cover  Yukari Oshima

Drug Fighters

AKA: Drugs Fighters, The Drug Fighters


Director: Yu Tin Hung

Stars: Yukari Oshima, Yuen Wah, Ngai Sing

Yukari Oshima plays a traffic cop who is promoted to working on an anti-drug task force after helping to bust a powerful group's dealer. The new leader (Yuen Wah) doesn't like the cops meddling in his affairs, so he sets out to take them out until Yukari comes to save the day.

Despite the low budget of this Taiwanese production, Drug Fighters offers up more action than many Hollywood "blockbusters". You know it will be a good movie when it takes less than five minutes to get to an action scene. Even though it slows down during the exposition, mostly due to the lack of talent in the supporting cast, who seem to have trouble dealing with the twists and turns in the plot, by the time Drug Fighters hits the midway point, it delivers almost non-stop action -- and it's very good (and very violent) stuff.

In fact, I would argue that this is Yukari's best action work to date. One stunt has her jumping through a train window, grabbing onto the ledge with her feet, flipping under the train and then shooting a guy in the kneecaps. Another has her jumping onto, around and through a flaming car. And of course, the final fight between her and Yuen Wah is fantastic, if a bit short. Yukari also does a good job in the acting department -- she actually brings up tears during one scene -- and elevates Drug Fighters above the usual low-budget action movie junk.


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