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Bloody Brotherhood


DVD menu screen. Image courtesy of Mei Ah.

Manufacturer: Mei Ah (catalog number 293)

Region: 0 (all regions)

Price: $15

Running time: 96 mins.

Sound: Dolby 2.1, Dolby 5.1

Format: widescreen

Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin

Subtitles: Chinese, English

Talent files: none

Trailers: none

Other extras: "Data Bank" (plot synopsis and cast/crew listing)

Usual bare-bones Mei Ah stuff, with not even a trailer this time out. The picture shows some wear and tear in parts, but it's not bad overall considering the age of the movie. As for the sound, it's compentent; it won't rattle your speakers but it's mixed better than a lot of Mei Ah's other discs. This is worth checking out, but don't expect much.