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Invisible Target

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Overall, the packaging of this 2-DVD set, which comes complete in a nice cardboard slipcase, is done well, with some of the best cover art Dragon Dynasty has done yet.

There are several trailers for other Dragon Dynasty movies, as well as a WWE DVD, that automatically play before the main menu appears. Unlike some previous Dragon Dynasty releases, these thankfully can be quickly skipped through.

The menus aren't anything flashy, but they're clean and easy to navigate.

The Movie

Visually, Dragon Dynasty's version does improve on the original Hong Kong release, which was put out by Universe. The colors are much more solid, and there is less artifacting present, especially during the fast-moving action scenes.


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The main audio track in the DD version has been slightly tweaked from Universe's, which was solid to begin with. Offering Dolby 5.1 and DTS options, the sound mix is crisp, with lots of booming bass during the appropriate scenes. There is also an English-dubbed track that does its' job well enough, and the subtitles (in English or Spanish) are easy to read and free of grammatical errors.

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The Extras

Commentary with Bey Logan, Jaycee Chan, Shawn Yu, and Andy On: The usual deliverer of Dragon Dynasty commentaries, Bey Logan, can get a bit dry when he's on his own, so this commentary definitely benefits from having several of the film's stars join Logan. This isn't the most informative commentary, but it does offer some nice insight into how the movie was made, as well as offering the thoughts of how young actors view the Hong Kong film industry.

Featurettes: Spread across both discs, there are three featurettes. "Orchestrated Mayhem" is an overall look at the making of the movie, "Fight for the Glory" dissects the action scenes, and "Gala Premiere" is, well, about the movie's debut in Hong Kong. These are your standard behind-the-scenes promotional fluff pieces. They're worth a look if you're a big fan of the movie, but they're not going to reveal anything deep about the picture.

Trailers: Includes the teaser and full-length versions of the movie's trailer. The trailers that play at the beginning of the DVD are not included in this section.

Interviews: The second disc kicks off with interviews from several of the film's principal cast and crew, including Benny Chan, Jaycee Chan, Shawn Yu, Wu Jing, Philip Ng, Vincent Sze, and Andy On. None of these are anything really all that in-depth, but still make a nice addition to the DVD.

Deleted and Extended scenes: Several scenes are in this section, along with commentary from Benny Chan, which unfortunately can't be turned off. It would have been nice to have an option to have these scenes in their original form spliced into the main feature.

Conception to the Silver Screen: The best feature on the DVD, this looks at how the storyboards translated to on-screen action, while Benny Chan explains how the scene was created. This is one of the more unique extras Dragon Dynasty has included on a DVD, and is well worth checking out if you're interested in seeing how the action scenes were filmed.