Final Option VCD cover

The Final Option


Director: Gordon Chan

Stars: Michael Wong, Peter Yung, Carman Lee

This film details the story of a young cop (Yung) who joins the SDU (the HK equivalent of a SWAT team) after his partner is killed and the problems he endures with his tough commander (Wong) and girlfriend (Lee). After a series of high-profile robberies, the SDU is called in to bring down the gang responsible, and of course, Yung finds himself right in the middle of the action. Most of the film's running time is dominated by training scenes; some of the stuff was interesting, but most of it was just plain boring. You can only hear people talking about ballistics and bulletproof vests for so long. Probably the movie's "high" point is a scene where Wong tells his team to not call him a gweilo -- in some of the worst Cantonese I've ever heard. He should just stick with English lines. Anyway, Final Option's title is appropriate. I wouldn't recommend watching it unless you have nothing better to do.


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