Fantasy Mission Force

Fantasy Mission Force


Director: Chu Yen Ping

Stars: Jimmy Wang Yu, Brigitte Lin, Jackie Chan

Nazis! Amazons! Vampires! Angry chickens! Jackie Chan fighting off amazons while trying to hold onto an angry chicken! All this and more are featured in this very, very strange movie that has Wang Yu leading a rag-tag band of mercenaries to rescue a group of kidnapped generals during WWII (even though all of the cars in the movie are from the late '70's). Even though he's billed as the lead, Chan only appears in about three scenes (he did the movie as a favor to Wang Yu, who helped him out with the Triads). The movie isn't all that great, but it's so damn strange (in a good funny way, not the crappy confusing David Lynch way) it'll keep you watching. Worth at least one viewing, though you may have to have a few adult beverages to enjoy it fully.


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