Heroes Shed No Tears

Manufacturer: Mega Star

Price: $30

Sound: Dolby 5.1

Format: widescreen

Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Subtitles: English, Chinese

Extras: trailers, John Woo bio/filmography

First off, this is the international version, so about ten minutes is cut out (gore hounds, don't worry -- most of the violence is intact), the John Woo "biography" is laughable and the English dub is fairly bad. On the other hand, the film is presented well, with a good picture (though like most HK DVDs, it's a bit dark) and decent Dolby remix. If you can't get your hands on another version, this one's not too bad -- though major John Woo fans may want to try and track down an uncut version.

Rating: **

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