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Wednesday, April 6

Movie review: Ip Man 3

In the fast-paced world of HK cinema, six years is an eternity. So why the push to make another entry in the Ip Man saga now? Well, as with many things in Hong Kong, it comes down to money. Thankfully, the results here are solid enough so that this doesn't come off like the cheap cash-in it very well could have ended up as.

Full review here

Wednesday, February 24

Movie reviews: Some short reviews

The site hasn't been updated for quite a while, but here are a series of short reviews of films (aka Tweets) that I watched during my stepson's treatment for cancer. I just wanted to get something up before my old man memory (or lack thereof) kicks in and I forgot everything about these movies.

Full reviews here

Thursday, November 5

Movie review: Shaolin Temple

Most great movie stars have fairly humble beginnings, and Jet Li is no exception. He broke into the Chinese film industry with this release, which is a decent showcase for his legendary martial arts skills, but is hampered by a somewhat plodding storytelling style that depends far too heavily on well-worn cliches of the genre.

Full review here

Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray/VOD release: Wolf Totem

From acclaimed filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud comes Wolf Totem, available on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD December 15 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Based on a novel by Jiang Rong, Wolf Totem tells the story of a young student sent to live in Mongolia, where he forms an unlikely bond with a wolf cub. Shot entirely on location, the film features breathtaking cinematography and moving performances by stars Shaofeng Feng and Shawn Dou. Bonus features on the disc-based releases include behind the scenes featurettes, and the Blu-ray also has the 3D version of the film.

The DVD and Blu-ray are available for pre-order on Amazon.

Tuesday, October 27

Movie review: The Golden Cane Warrior

Heavily inspired by classic wuxia novels, the Indonesian release The Golden Cane Warrior doesn't get up to the heights of Hong Kong pillars of the genre such as Swordsman or The Bride with White Hair, but it is a fun and entertaining picture that fans of this type of film should enjoy.

Full review here

Movie review: Masked Avengers

Moving into the 1980's, Chang Cheh continued to be fairly prolific, perhaps not to the level of his primeduring the 1970's, when he would bring out several releases per year, but was still working quite hard, especially for someone in their sixties. Chang's films during this period were marked by a sense of inventiveness, as might be expected from someone who had directed literally dozens of kung fu movies and was yearning to stretch his cinematic wings a bit -- and The Masked Avengers is a prime example of this.

Full review here

Wednesday, October 14

Movie review: Northern Limit Line

One of the all-time box office champs in South Korea, Northern Limit Line is based on a 2002 naval battle between North and South Korea. The film offers up some exciting (and bloody) war scenes, but is ultimately let down by an overlong running time that leans far too much on melodrama and heavy-handed jingoism.

Full review here

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