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Thursday, November 17

Updated review: The Legend of Bruce Lee

Well Go USA has recently released the first in a series of DVDs with episodes from this 2008 television show about the life of Bruce Lee. We've updated our review of the 2010 condensed release by Lionsgate with information about Well Go's discs. Does the additional footage make this a worthy purchase for fans of the Little Dragon?

Full review here

Movie review: Yellow Skin

Yellow Skin stars Wang Kuan-Hsiung (who also directed, wrote and produced the movie, as well as probably doing the catering) as a Chinese-American New York City gangster who is trying to retire to the pastoral lands of New Jersey, but is pulled back in after his dad is gunned down. Huge shocker -- he discovers that there's a rat in his own gang who's working with the Koreans (led by Hong Kong movie thug mainstay Johnny Wang Lung-Wei). Huge knives chopping up people and gunfights follow in a not very inventive, yet still strangely satisfying fashion.

Full review here

Wednesday, November 2

Movie review: Killer from China

This film subscribes to triad movie plot number 14: a member of the "family" goes to jail, so his friends go out for revenge. Like most of these low-budget releases in the genre put out during this time, the film wastes a lot of time with fairly dull exposition scenes, but business picks up near the end with some satisfying gunplay.

Full review here

Monday, October 31

Site update: New DVD Releases

It's Halloween and most people have horror movies on their mind this time of year, but Anchor Bay (via The Weinstein Commpany) is bucking the treand a bit by releasing a pair of recent swordsplay movies that fans of the genre should enjoy. We've updated our reviews with info on the new DVDs: click here to check out the reviews for The Lost Bladesman and Reign of Assassins.

Thursday, October 20

Movie review: Set Me Free

Spurned on by the runaway success of A Better Tomorrow, there was a huge surge of "heroic bloodshed" films released in Hong Kong in the later 1980's. There, of course, were quite a few classic movies that came out of this movement, but most of them were fairly forgettable, and that's what we have with 1988's Set Me Free!

Full review here

Wednesday, October 12

Update: Random musings about HK movies part deux

Contained here are a series of short reviews of films (aka Tweets) that I watched during my stepson's treatment for cancer. I just wanted to get something up before my old man memory (or lack thereof) kicks in and I forgot everything about these movies.

"Full" reviews here

Monday, October 10

Movie review: The Wailing

Like many South Korean releases, The Wailing does run too long for its own good, but those viewers out there who haven't succumbed to the pseudo epidemic of ADD swirling around the world will be rewarded with one of the better releases of the year, regardless of region.

Full review here

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