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Friday, April 17

Movie review: Vengeance of an Assassin

Panna Rittikrai, the man who is regarded as being the one responsible for bringing Tony Jaa to the attention of the west via the Ong Bak films, made his last contribution behind the lens before his tragic passing in 2014 with Vengeance of an Assassin, a film that is dumb as they come, but delivers the goods for action junkies.

Full review here

Tuesday, April 14

Upcoming release: The Taking of Tiger Mountain

Legendary director Tsui Hark returns with The Taking of Tiger Mountain, which is being released on June 2 by Well Go USA. The film, which is based on Qu Bo’s novel Tracks in the Snowy Forest, stars Zhang Hanyu and Tony Leung Ka-Fai. Well Go's version is uncut, running at 143 minutes, and bonus materials include interviews with Tsui and the cast. The DVD and Blu-ray are available for pre-order at Amazon. The film will also be on video on demand outlets.

Upcoming theatrical release: Kung Fu Killer

Donnie Yen is smashing is way on to the big screen in North America courtesy of Well Go USA, who are releasing the movie in select cities starting on April 24. The film, which was orignally released in Hong Kong as Kung Fu Jungle, has been getting rave reviews and further solidifies Donnie Yen's status as Asia's buggest martial arts star. Besides the title change, Well Go's version is uncut, running at 100 minutes, and will be shown in Cantonese with English subtitles.

For more information about the release, you can visit Well Go's pages on Facebook and Twitter, or you can check out a trailer here.

Friday, April 3

Movie review: The Blood Brothers

Widely regarded as legendary director Chang Cheh's greatest cinematic accomplishment, The Blood Brothers may not have all of the high-powered kung fu scenes you might be expecting, but Chang's excellent handling of the actors and story put this film in the upper echelon of martial arts motion pictures.

Full review here

Thursday, March 26

Movie review: The Moon Warriors

This entry in the venerable Sammo Hung's filmography feels a bit like it is going through the motions, holding no real surprises to those who are well versed in the genre. But the star power shines through enough that at least you won't be bored during the proceedings.

Full review here

Tuesday, March 24

Movie review: The Bullet Vanishes

This is a detective thriller that should provide a good time to potential audience members, even though this is not the most original material ever produced. This is a film that clearly shows its' influences from the Sherlock Holmes movies and distilling them through a bit of CSI glossy crime-busting.

Full review here

Movie review: Wild Card

As your friendly neighborhood reviewer tends to be a fan of most things revolving around the center of debauchery better known as Las Vegas and everyone's favorite follically-challenged action hero Jason Statham, Wild Card seemed to have a solid foundation for action movie greatness, especially with Hong Kong veteran film-maker Corey Yuen (who Statham collaborated with on the Transporter films) providing the action direction. So why does this film end up rolling snake eyes and crapping out?

Full review here

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