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Wednesday, October 12

Update: Random musings about HK movies part deux

Contained here are a series of short reviews of films (aka Tweets) that I watched during my stepson's treatment for cancer. I just wanted to get something up before my old man memory (or lack thereof) kicks in and I forgot everything about these movies.

"Full" reviews here

Monday, October 10

Movie review: The Wailing

Like many South Korean releases, The Wailing does run too long for its own good, but those viewers out there who haven't succumbed to the pseudo epidemic of ADD swirling around the world will be rewarded with one of the better releases of the year, regardless of region.

Full review here

Movie review: Phantom of the Theatre

This Mainland/Hong Kong co-production sticks to one of the tried and true film production methods liberally employed in the region, in that this is a movie "inspired" (directly or indirectly) by another film or literary source, this time out the classic Phantom of the Opera. Phantom of the Theatre tweaks things a bit by adding in supernatural elements. But since Mainland censors don't particularly like the idea of ghost stories, the film-makers take things even further with their explanation of the events going on in a supposedly haunted theatre.

Full review here

Thursday, September 22

Movie review: Skiptrace

Skiptrace's gimmick of pairing Jackie Chan with Jackass alum Johnny Knoxville in a thinly-veiled redux of Midnight Run directed by the same guy who gave us gems like Cutthroat Island seems like a recipe for disaster, but shockingly, the end results are actually pretty entertaining and is some of Chan's best work in years.

Full review here

Thursday, August 25

Movie review: The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard marks the first time the legendary Sammo Hung has stepped into the director's chair since 1997, so this release has been hotly anticipated by many martial arts fans. Disappointingly, the end results mark more of a small nondescript blip on Hung's filmography rather than a return to greatness.

Full review here

Thursday, August 11

Movie review: The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale

There has been a push by the South Korean government to portray a more positive image of the country in their education system, and that take has filtered to their media as well, as evidenced by a string of releases that go to great pains to show South Korea as a great country, often at the expense of historical accuracy.

Full review here

Wednesday, July 27

Movie review: Saving Mr. Wu

Based on the 2004 kidnapping of Mainland actor Wu Ruo-Fu (who, in a bit of cheekiness, actually appears in the film as one of the cops that helped to save him) Ding Sheng's latest release Saving Mr. Wu is a solid thriller that is punctuated by a fine performance from Andy Lau as the eponymous kidnap victim.

Full review here

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