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Thursday, June 23

Movie review: The Midnight After

Fruit Chan returns to the director's chair with The Midnight After, a black comedy tinged with horror and suspense. As more and more Hong Kong film-makers create their works with Mainland Chinese and international audiences in mind, Chan unabashedly helms this as a true Hong Kong picture.

Full review here

Monday, May 23

Movie review: Rise of the Legend

The whole idea of remakes and reboots has been a staple of Hollywood for a while now, but their eastern counterparts are also participating in the movement, as evidenced by the recent release of Rise of the Legend, which is a "modern" (read: grittier and more serious) take on the tale of Chinese folk hero Wong Fei-Hung.

Full review here

Tuesday, May 10

Special Feature: Bonnie Fu Interview

Bonnie Fu worked as an actress in Hong Kong during the 1990's. Despite only working in the region for six years, she still appeared in twenty films, including her most famous role as the deliciously sleazy henchwoman Virgin in Ringo Lam's 1992 action classic Full Contact.

Full article here

Thursday, May 5

Movie review: Mojin: The Lost Legend

With Mojin, visionary director Wuershan delivers his take on the popular Chinese web novel series Ghost Blows Out the Light. While it does suffer a bit from overlength and shallow characterization, Mojin delivers some fun action/fantasy in the vein of similar films such as the Mummy series.

Full review here

Wednesday, April 6

Movie review: Ip Man 3

In the fast-paced world of HK cinema, six years is an eternity. So why the push to make another entry in the Ip Man saga now? Well, as with many things in Hong Kong, it comes down to money. Thankfully, the results here are solid enough so that this doesn't come off like the cheap cash-in it very well could have ended up as.

Full review here

Wednesday, February 24

Movie reviews: Some short reviews

The site hasn't been updated for quite a while, but here are a series of short reviews of films (aka Tweets) that I watched during my stepson's treatment for cancer. I just wanted to get something up before my old man memory (or lack thereof) kicks in and I forgot everything about these movies.

Full reviews here

Thursday, November 5

Movie review: Shaolin Temple

Most great movie stars have fairly humble beginnings, and Jet Li is no exception. He broke into the Chinese film industry with this release, which is a decent showcase for his legendary martial arts skills, but is hampered by a somewhat plodding storytelling style that depends far too heavily on well-worn cliches of the genre.

Full review here

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