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Friday, October 2

Movie review: The Raid

Though it was helmed by two of Hong Kong's greatest directors, The Raid is not well known by many western fans. Thankfully, Well Go USA has recently released a DVD for the North American market, which will allow a whole new audience to check out this hidden gem from Hong Kong film's "golden age".

Full review here

Wednesday, September 30

Updated review: The Avenging Fist

Well Go USA is releasing The Avenging Fist (aka "we swear it's not Tekken") in North America on DVD on October 12, so we're dusting off our original review of the movie from back in 2001 to take another look at it and the details of the new DVD to see if it's worth your hard-earned cash.

Full review here

Tuesday, September 29

Movie review: Black Coal, Thin Ice

Paying homage to classic film noirs, this is a dark movie, both literally and figuratively, with a bit of Coen Brothers style quirkiness thrown in for good measure. It's a refreshingly mature and well-polished picture that is also thankfully void of the propaganda usually present in Mainland releases.

Full review here

Wednesday, September 23

Movie review: Office

As we move further into the 2000s, as more and more people have become affected by various financial crisises, hedge fund managers in Armani spearheading hostile takeovers has seemingly replaced tattooed Triads brawling in fish markets with oversized knives as the defacto action in Hong Kong cinema.

Full review here

Thursday, September 17

Movie review: Dragon Blade

A Jackie Chan film featuring an odd plot of fictitious pseudo-revisionist history combined with what some might see as stunt casting of Western actors woluld probably be seen as a cinematic trainwreck in the making. But Dragon Blade actually turns out to be a very entertaining picture.

Full review here

Upcoming release: The Golden Cane Warrior

Well Go USA is bringing out The Golden Cane Warrior to DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD on Novemeber 3. The film tells the story a group of martial arts students on a quest to rescue an ancient weapon from the clutches of an evil warlord. The Golden Cane Warrior's cinematic style has been characterized as an Indonesian tribute to classic Chinese "wu xia" pictures but in a more visceral and hard-hitting style similar to other martial arts films from the country such as The Raid, which looks to be a winning combination for fans of the genre.

The DVD and Blu-ray are available for pre-order on Amazon.

Thursday, September 3

Movie review: Out of the Dark

Due to what some perceived as content that was too violent, this movie didn't go over well upon its premiere and has gone on to become a largely forgotten entry in Stephen Chow's filmography. But upon taking a fresh look, it holds up well, offering a good amount of Chow's trademark "nonsense comedy" style.

Full review here

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