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Wednesday, April 23

DVD review: Dragon Immortal: Disc 2

The second disc of VideoAsia's ten movie "Bruceploitation" box set features two movies, The 18 Amazones (under the title Bruce Lee's Ways of Kung Fu) and Dragon Force (under the title Powerforce) that are only tangentally connected to the sub-genre due to them starring Bruce Lee "clones" Dragon Lee and Bruce Li.

Full review here

Thursday, April 17

Movie review: That Demon Within

There is a genuinely unsettling nerve touched by some of the violent content, which will be off-putting to some, but will be appreciated by fans of the hard-edged output of the "golden age" of Hong Kong cinema, a time where film-makers were not held tight to their Mainland financier's leashes.

Full review here

Movie review: Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

Jackie Chan's first few starring roles didn't exactly set the world on fire. Chan was under contract to producer/director Lo Wei, who tried to make Jackie into the next Bruce Lee, both through his stage name Chen Lung ("dragon") and casting in films such as New Fist of Fury. Jackie's style never meshed with Lo's intentions, making for a string of box office duds, so when Seasonal Films asked to borrow Chan for two films, Lo readily gave him up. Chan's first release from Seasonal would prove to be a major breakout role.

Full review here

Wednesday, April 16

DVD review: Martial Arts Double Feature

On March 6, Shout! Factory will be releasing The Angela Mao Ying Collection, a three-DVD set that includes six of the kung fu queen's movies. In addition, on April 22, Shout! are bringing out two other Angela Mao films, Hapkido and Lady Whirlwind, on a separate DVD.

Full review here

Friday, April 11

DVD review: Dragon Immortal: Disc 1

Dubious gray-market label VideoAsia has a track record of reissuing the same movies into different packages. Their Immortal Dragon three-DVD set is no exception. It contains ten "Bruceploitation" films, all of which have been put out before and since, either as stand-alone releases or as part of other sets.

Full review here

Friday, March 21

Site news: Taking a break

There won't be any updates on the site until mid-April, because your friendly neighborhood webmaster has amazingly found someone special that puts up with my watching of a steady stream of Godfrey Ho movies, so I'm heading off to get married. If there is breaking news in the Hong Kong movie world (or I find really interesting fruity drinks to take pictures of) rest assured, Hong Kong Film Net's Facebook and Twitter pages will be updated.

Movie review: Aftershock

Feng Xiaogang's dramatic retelling of events before and after the devastating earthquake that took place in the city of Tangshan in 1978, Aftershock, became China's biggest box office draw of all time upon its' release in 2010, and still remains one of the highest grossing pictures ever in the country. However, the movie's success came with a deal of controversy, as some critics took issue with Feng's loose interpretation -- some would say outright propagandistic -- take on the facts surrounding the disaster.

Full review here

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