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Tuesday, January 27

Movie review: The Pirates

The Pirates is not deep cinematic fare, being pretty much the epitome of a "popcorn" movie -- something that you're just going to turn your brain off and watch. For what it is, this is an effective enough film, bringing a good mix of light-hearted action and comedy.

Full review here

Movie review: The Shadow Whip

One of the true queens of kung fu cinema, Chang Pei-Pei has had an extensive filmography in her legendary career, with one of the main phases -- her time with the Shaw Brothers studio -- coming to an end after the release of 1971's The Shadow Whip. As ever, Chang creates a compelling screen presence, and the film gets a couple of style points for the use of the titular weapon and a rarely-seen snowy setting, but ultimately, Lo Wei's meandering script and lackadaisical direction lets this production down.

Full review here

Upcoming release: White Haired Witch

Well Go USA is bringing The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom (under the shortened title of White Haired Witch) to North American DVD, Blu-ray, and video on demand March 10. The film, which stars Fan Bing-Bing and Huang Xiao-Ming, with action scenes directed by Stephen Tung Wai, is a wuxia tale based on the novel Baifa Manu, which was also the source material for The Bride with White Hair. Well Go's release runs at an uncut 104 minutes and is in the original Mandarin language. Extras on the disc-based versions include a making-of featurette.

The movie is available for preorder on Blu-ray and DVD from Amazon.

Wednesday, January 21

Movie review: My Lucky Star

Lunar New Year releases are not normally known for being cerebral cinematic material, but 2003's My Lucky Star (no relation to the 1985 Jackie Chan classic My Lucky Stars) is just plain dumb. While that might not be a terrible thing in and of itself, it's also extremely annoying and not funny in the least.

Full review here

Movie review: The Brave Archer

Even the greatest film-makers will have some misfires in their cinematic canon, and Chang Cheh is no exception, with 1977's The Brave Archer probably being the biggest example. Despite having an all-star "who's who" of the Shaw Brothers studio at his disposal, Chang's efforts to bring Jin Yong's classic novel Legend of Condor Heroes to the big screen quickly fall prey to an overly convoluted plot that will leave most viewers -- especially Western ones not familiar with the source material -- scratching their heads and itching for the fast-forward button.

Full review here

Thursday, January 15

Movie review: Devil Hunters

Devil Hunters became famous (or perhaps infamous) as the film that nearly killed Moon Lee because of a botched stunt. While the flawed pyrotechnics certainly provides a curiosity factor, the core movie itself is actually pretty good, being a solid representation of "girls with guns" action cinema.

Full review here

Thursday, January 8

Movie review: Just One Look

It takes something a bit out of the ordinary to get a positive (or at least non-negative) rating out of the stone that is this website's heart. 2002's Just One Look manages to do that via a mix of romantic comedy with martial arts, sprinkled with a heavy dose of cinematic nostalgia.

Full review here

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