VCD cover  Pinky Cheung and Sophie Ngan

Horoscope II: The Woman from Hell


Director: Steve Cheng

Stars: Simon Yam, Pinky Cheung, Sophie Ngan, Tony Ho

A doctor and his wife (Simon Yam and Pinky Cheung) are having an anniversary dinner when one of their freinds comes barging in shouting about worms eating his skin and then proceeds to kill himself. After the death, Pinky keeps having recurring nightmares involving Simon and a strange woman (Sophie Ngan). It turns out the woman is a witch who Simon met on a trip to Thailand, and now she wants to take possession of Simon at any cost.

This is a pretty effective little horror movie. Most of it is psychological in nature as Pinky drifts in and out dreams and hallucinations, trying to figure out exactly what is going on -- think of it like an episode of "The Twilght Zone" on acid -- but there is also a nice bit of gore/gross-out stuff as well (let's just say they must have got a volume discount on worms and maggots for this movie). All of this gets a bit confusing at times; there are so many twists and false endings that by the time the film really ended, I came off feeling a bit cheated because it felt like there was actually very little resolution for both the characters and the story. However, I enjoyed Pinky's performance and former Penthouse Pet Sophie Ngan's eye candy a lot, and the film does manage to create enough chills (horror) and thrills (T&A) to warrant a viewing if you are a fan of the genre.


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