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Hard Target

Hard Target

"Easily one of the years best films...Van Damme's best movie to date!" -- WGN Radio
"Hard Target hits the bullseye... big time!" -- WWOR TV

MCA/Universal, 1993, 97 min.

Director: John Woo
Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme ("Chance Boudreaux"), Lance Henriksen ("Fouchon"), Arnold Vosloo ("Van Cleaf"), Yancy Butler ("Natasha Binder"), Chuck Pfarrer ("Doug Binder"), Wilford Brimley ("Douvee")
Executive producer: Sam Raimi
Producers: Sean Daniels and James Jacks
Writer: Chuck Pfarrer
Cinematographer: Russell Carpenter
Editor: Bob Murawaski

Available on video (full frame) from MCA/Universal

Available on DVD from MCA/Universal - a review can be found here

Hard Target

"Don't hunt what you can't kill"

In New Orleans, Emil Fouchon offers the idle rich something to do with their time and money -- hunting the homeless for sport. After Fouchon's crew kills a Vietnam vet named Doug Binder, his daughter Natasha comes searching for him. Unable to get any help from the police, she enlists the aid of Chance Boudreaux. Eventually, the hunters become the hunted as Chance draws closer to Fuschon.

Hard Target, John Woo's first US film, suffered horribly from the studio system. Woo's initial edit, which featured his trademark explosive action scenes, was pared down to a mere shadow of its former self by Universal. What is left is an above-average action film that, while entertaining, doesn't even come close to matching the brilliance of something like Hard-Boiled. While the final action sequence has at least the semblance of "vintage" Woo, the rest of the film comes off as standard stupid macho Van Damme posturing. While this is one of Van Damme's best films (which isn't saying much; the only other Van Damme film I like is Bloodsport), probably only hardcore action fans will enjoy this one.


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