DVD cover

Jackie Chan: My Stunts

Manufacturer: Mega Star

Price: $25

Sound: Dolby 5.1

Format: full frame (orginally made for TV)

Languages: Mandarin or English (depending on which version you play)

Subtitles: Chinese, English, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish

Extras: production notes, Jackie Chan biography/filmography, Media Asia DVD trailer

Overall a good DVD. There's not a huge amount of extras, but the notes and biography are written well, and the show itself is presented nicely, with crisp picture, good sound and easy to read subs. There's not a huge difference between the Chinese and English versions (both are included on the disc) -- only about 3 minutes -- but this is still a pretty solid purchase, especially for big Jackie Chan fans. My only big complaint is the Cathay Pacific commercial which plays on both sides that you can't skip through. I have seen this on a couple of other discs, and I hope it doesn't become the norm.

Rating: ***

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