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Jimmy Wang Yu: Blood of the Dragon & Screaming Ninja (US versions of The Desperate Chase and Sceaming Tiger)

Manufacturer: Diamond

Price: $10

Sound: mono

Format: full frame (Blood of the Dragon)/widescreen (Screaming Ninja)

Languages: English

Subtitles: none

Extras: "film info" (cast/crew list and a plot synopsis), Jimmy Wang Yu biography, photo gallery

The menus and extras are decent for a budget disc, but the movies themselves aren't presented all that well, even for movies this old. "Blood of the Dragon" has a print that is full of scratches and it's sometimes very hard to make out what is going on during night scenes. The sound mix is very poor; at times, the voices are almost impossible to hear. "Screaming Ninja" is even worse. The letterbox edges jump up and down, making the film unwatchable during certain parts. If you're extremely strapped for cash, you might (and I emphasize might) want to check this disc out, but don't expect much.

Rating: *

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