Master of the Flying Guillotine

AKA: One Armed Boxer 2, One Armed Boxer vs. The Flying Guillotine


Director: Jimmy Wang Yu

Action director: Lau Kar-Leung

Stars: Jimmy Wang Yu, Kam Kong, Doris Lung, Sit Hon, Lau Kar-Wing, Wong Fei Lung, Chui Chung Hei, Shan Mao, Wang Tai Lang, Shih Ting Ken, Jack Lung, Phillip Kwok, Sun Jung Chi, Wong Lik, Robert Tai, Sham Chin-Bo

Bar none, Master of the Flying Guillotine is one of the best old-school kung fu movies I've ever seen. The slim plot -- which involves the usual revenge motif with Kam Kong playing a blind warrior posing as a priest and wielding the kick-ass "flying guillotine" of the movie's title pursuing a one-armed boxer portrayed by Jimmy Wang Yu after Wang Yu snuffs out a couple of Kam's students -- is really nothing special. And the script and acting aren't going to win any awards anytime soon. But the almost wall-to-wall fights (some of which involve some very unique fighters, such as Lau Kar-Wing's yoga master with extendable limbs) are some of the best ever put to celluoid, and make Master of the Flying Guillotine mandatory viewing for any martial arts fan.


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