Aces Go Places 3

AKA: Aces Go Places III, Mad Mission 3, Our Man From Bond Street


Director: Tsui Hark

Stars: Sam Hui, Karl Maka, Peter Graves, Richard Kiel, Sylvia Chang, Wong Ka-Min, Harold Sakata, Ricky Hui, Tsui Hark, Neil Connery

The third installment in the popular action/comedy series has jewel thief King Kong (Sam Hui) being recruited by James Bond (played by Sean Connery's brother, Neil, in one of the many odd casting choices present here) to steal the Queen's crown jewels. The trouble is that they're being guarded by his his best friend, Baldy (Karl Maka) in one of the most sophisticated vaults in the world. Well, and that it really doesn't make sense that the Queen would have someone steal back her jewels, rather than just asking for them back from the police.

But then, like many HK films of the time, Aces Go Places 3 really isn't a movie for nit-pickers. Also, the comedy will probably come off as hokey and dated to the younger set, and the special effects are pretty cheesy -- even by mid-1980's standards. Overall, though, it moves at a good enough clip so the viewer can't dwell to much on the shortcomings, and there is a certain amount of fun in seeing the western actors, especially a poorly-dubbed Peter Graves, who seems more concerned with getting a beer than actually helping anyone out.


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