New Fist of Fury (US version)

Manufacturer: Simitar

Price: $10

Sound: mono

Format: full frame

Languages: Cantonese, English

Subtitles: none

Extras: Jackie Chan bio, Chan interview, movie info

Not a bad DVD at all for the price (I actually picked this one up for $2 in the bargain bin). The picture and sound -- while not great -- are still way better than the SLP VHS versions floating about. The English dub is still horrible though, and the TV formatting gets really annoying after a while (lots of half-seen talking heads here). Even though the packaging says it has been "Dolby remastered", I didn't really notice too much in the way of actual stereo effects; the film seems to be mono. The extras are OK; the Chan interview is from the Supercop press junket and doesn't offer anything new, and the bio contains some wrong information (it states that Chan trained at an Australian opera school). If you dig Chan's early work, this is a good DVD to get, but don't pay more than $10 for it.

Rating: **

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