Police Story 2

AKA: Jackie Chan's Police Story 2


Director: Jackie Chan

Stars: Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Bill Tung, Kenny Bee

Even though he captured the big crime boss in the first Police Story, Chan is demoted to a traffic cop for his rough tactics used during the case. Soon, the boss is released and takes the opportunity to humiliate Chan and threaten his girlfriend (Cheung). Compounding problems are a group of mad bombers targeting key areas around the city. Chan must find a way to break the case while keeping both his superiors and his girlfriend off his back.

Since the first movie was a huge success, it was only inevitable that there would be a sequel. Thankfully, it's about as good as the original. The pacing is very tight (again losing a little steam during the romantic bits) and the comedy (mostly supplied by veteran actor "Uncle" Bill Tung) is damn funny most of the time. Police Story 2 also differentiates itself from its predecessor by taking a darker tone. While it's not Crime Story, there's definitely an "edge" to PS2, especially during an extended torture scene. The action scenes are just as over-the-top as the first movie, ranking among some of the best of Chan's during this phase of his career -- including one where Chan fights a deaf/mute pyrotechnics/martial arts expert (Bee), which results in a very explosive finale.

Keep a look out for cameos from many notable HK stars such as Ken Lo, Lau Ching-Wan and Michael Chan.


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