DVD cover

Rich and Famous (US version)

Manufacturer: Tai Seng

Price: $20

Sound: Dolby 1.0

Format: widescreen

Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish

Subtitles: English

Extras: trailers for the movie (European "Black Vengeance" version), "Phantom Lover", "Hong Kong 1941" and "Naked Killer" (Tai Seng versions) and talent files (bio/filmographies) for Chow Yun-Fat, Alex Man, Andy Lau and Alan Tam

The picture definitely shows some wear; it's faded and there are scratches throughout -- it's not horrible for a 25-year-old foreign movie, but it is distracting in parts. The sound is okay, but there are times where there is a strange tinny reverb to it. Again, it's not enough to make you hit the stop button, but it gets annoying. Thankfully, the subtitles are very well done. They're yellow and easy to read, and go so far as to translate the credits and the literal meaning of some of the characters' names. The talent files are well-written, but I wish they were on a static screen, rather than having to wait for the slow scrolling used here to bring the information up. And once again, I really must say that Tai Seng should use the original HK trailers on their discs; their versions are pretty dull and the voiceovers make them seem cheesy. This isn't a great DVD, but it's worth a look. At least it isn't as bad as the full frame/dubbed dreck Tai Seng used to put out.

Rating: **

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