Royal Warriors

Royal Warriors

AKA: In the Line of Duty, In the Line of Duty 2, Yes Madam 2, Police Assassins, Police Assassin 2


Director: David Chung

Stars: Michelle Yeoh, Michael Wong, Henry Sanada

The plot is pretty straightforward here -- after foiling a mid-air hijacking attempt, a trio of cops team up to bring down a gang of killers who are hell-bent on revenge.

Royal Warriors falls into many of the traps of the genre, such as weak plot motivators (innocent people getting killed inspires the cops, etc.) and a dull romantic subplot. And Michael Wong stinks up every scene he's in (in fact, he's so bad that he's dubbed in both the English and Chinese versions). But Royal Warriors delivers action, and plenty of it. The first action sequence occurs about five minutes into the movie and it rarely lets up from there. The finale has Michelle driving a Road Warrior-esque armored vehicle and then engaging in a duel with a chainsaw-wielding bad guy definitely ranks among the top of Yeoh's action work. Royal Warrior's script, though pretty weak, does allow Yeoh to be a bit tougher than in many of her other films. Though she is still plenty cute, there's a hard edge to her that makes watching what is really a stock character more enjoyable.


Due to the dubbing, re-editing and re-titling of the movies for international release, there is some confusion as to exactly what movies fall in the In the Line of Duty series. There are several theories about the time line, but this is the one I subscribe to:

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