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Super Cops


Director: Yip Hing Fai

Stars: Yukari Oshima, Cynthia Khan, Waise Lee, Billy Chow, Gordon Liu, William Ho

Considering the cast involved, I found it strange that there was next to no information about Super Cops over the internet. Upon viewing it, I can see why. Super Cops doesn't fall into the "total crap" category, but it sure is disappointing and something the stars would most likely would like to forget. All I could figure is that they must have lost a lot at the horse track or didn't have anything better to do during the week that this movie was filmed.

At any rate, Super Cops' slim plot has a brother and sister traveling to the Mainland to find their uncle. Like many things in this film, it's never really explained why they have to find their uncle so urgently. Anyhow, the pair eventually find work at a restaurant. Here the movie starts delving into dumb slapstick comedy. The head chef is Gordon Liu, who combines kung fu with cooking in an obvious ripoff of God of Cookery. In one gag, the brother actually gets his bare hands set on fire for a stupid joke about cooking steak with your hands -- hey, if you're going to maim yourself, save it for a good movie.

During this time, there is another plot line about Yukari Oshima, who plays an Interpol agent who hooks up with local cop Cynthia Khan to bring down a heroin smuggler played by Billy Chow (Waise Lee does his usual "phone-in cameo" bit for these movies as Khan's boss). The two plots are meshed together with all the subtlety of a Joseph Lai movie -- meaning it looks like someone edited this movie with a meat cleaver. Eventually, the two sets of characters converge at the end, and there is a decent finale, but taking into account the stars, a okay ten-minute fight just seemed like a big let-down. Big Yukari Oshima fans might want to check this out, but you've been warned.


Note: in case you haven't figured out by now, the movie has nothing to do with Police Story 3: Supercop; the title was probably slapped on to entice gweilos to rent the movie.

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