Super Dragon's Dynamo


Director: Joseph Chung

Stars: Champ Wang, Sherman Chow, Danny Lee

This is a truly horrible movie from producer Joseph Lai, who made his name during the late '70's-early '80's by constructing "movies" using bizarre combinations of footage from stock films, news archives, old movies and sometimes -- when his miniscule budgets allowed it -- new stuff. This is one of the more "cohesive" (I use that term loosely here) films Lai produced, since most of it actually seems to be new footage -- though there is a good share of stock footage as well, this time from a basketball game, of all things. How does a basketball game figure into the story? Well, it doesn't really. But like most of the rest of the movie, it's just in there to pad out the running time. The movie's plot is the usual revenge stuff, but the script is so inept, the viewer is still left confused as to what the hell is exactly going on. There's not even any decent action to save this movie, which could have been good "Mystery Science Theatre" material if it wasn't so damn boring.


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