The Untold Story 2

The Untold Story 2


Director: Ng Yiu-Kuen

Stars: Anthony Wong, Pauline Suen, Cheung Kam-Ching, Yeung Fan

A restaurant owner, Chung (played by Cheung Kam-Ching), is having quite a dilemma. His business isn't going very well; his only steady "customers" (who mooch more food than they pay for) are a local VCD bootlegger and a cowardly cop known as "Lazyboots" (Wong). Even when he does manage to make some money, it all goes to his bitchy wife (Yeung), who spends it on mahjongg and underwear for her boyfriend (it seems Chung also has a "little" problem in bed). Things seem to brighten up when Chung's sister-in-law (Suen) comes to visit. However, after a series of strange events, both Chung and Lazyboots suspect something's wrong with the visitor and their respective investigations turn up something beyond belief.

Like most Cat III movies, The Untold Story 2 roams all over the map. It starts out with a graphic masturbation scene and then segues into comedy with Lazyboots hunting down a group of errant chickens. Until about halfway through the film, The Untold Story 2 plays out like a standard Cat III sex romp with much more sex than violence. However, once the pieces of the puzzle come together (mostly from a very gory death and dismemberment scene), The Untold Story 2 does manage to deliver some thrills. Ironically, though (at least for the genre), it's the parts that don't have that much blood or breasts in them that are the best in the film, mostly due to Pauline Suen's wonderfully schizophrenic performance.

In a genre where serial killers are a dime a dozen, Suen -- like Anthony Wong in the first film -- manages to create a character out of a stereotype, which makes this story worth telling. Those jaded by the recent spate of cheesy horror movies with pretty kids running around should check The Untold Story 2 out and see what real horror cinema is all about. It's not as good as the first film, but should make for a bloody good night's viewing for horror/exploitation fans.

(In case you were wondering, this film bears no relation to the first besides a similar "tasty treat" and lots of violence.)


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