Dead or Alive

DOA2 box

Bruce Lee  Jann Lee

This is yet another fighting game with a Bruce Lee knock-off, this time named Jann Lee. This one's a bit more blatant than most -- not only does Jann have Bruce's distinctive moves and yells, his biography in the game also says that he is the son of a famous martial artist... hmm, who could that be? For my money though, this is the best representation of Bruce Lee in a video game, it really is quite swank and worth trying if you are a fan.

Brad Wong

There is also a character named Brad Wong (who even though he doesn't even look Chinese) that employs the drunken boxing style.

DOA the movie

There is an upcoming film adaptation of the game, which will be directed by Corey Yuen. Click here to check out our preview of the movie.

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