Fatal Fury

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Kent ChengSammo Hung

Fatal Fury 2Fatal Fury 2

This fighting game has a portly character hailing from Hong Kong called Cheng, who bears a resemblance to rotund HK mainstay Kent Cheng. Of course, Kent isn't normally known for his fists of fury (though he has done his share of action as Butcher Wing/Porky in the Once Upon a Time in China series), so most of Cheng's moves are closer to what another heavy HK actor, Sammo Hung, does. Cheng's outfit is also similar to what Hung wore in Pedicab Driver.

Jubei  Simon Yuen

Other Hong Kong film-influenced characters include one named Jubei (who is based off Simon Yuen's sifu from Drunken Master)....

Tung  Gordon Liu

...and Tung Fu Rue, a sifu based on classic portrayals of similar characters in old-school kung fu movies like 36th Chamber of Shaolin.

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