Miscellaneous Games

These are some entries which don't have a huge Hong Kong film connection, but still display some influence from them at any rate.

The Legend of Kage

The Legend of Kage

The game's plot would fit right in with an old-school kung fu movie; you play as a Chinese warrior who must rescue a princess from some evil Japanese warriors.

Chinese Hero  Kung Fu Heroes

Chinese Hero

This is just a very strange game; the object seems to be to protect your dojo from a series of enemies. There was a version made for the NES that was re-named to "Kung-Fu Heroes" (pictured at right).

Yie-Ar Kung Fu

Yie-Ar Kung Fu

This was one of the first one-on-one fighting games, where you took on a series of enemies, who each use a different style of martial arts.



This strange (and pretty lame) beat-em-up has you as a lame Bruce Lee wannabe who uses nunchakus, Lee's weapon of choice.

Double Dragon

Double Dragon

This was the first big scrolling beat-em-up; some of the character's names (like "Roper" and "Bolo") are taken from the movie Enter the Dragon. In the sequel, Bolo was changed to Oharra -- another ETD character.

Tiger Road

Tiger Road

The game's plot has you as a Shaolin monk who has to rescue some of your fellow students from an evil sifu.

Kung Fu Kid box  Kung Fu Kid

Kung Fu Kid

This game has some little touches that HK film fans might enjoy, such as hopping vampires. There are several movies with "Kung Fu Kid" in the title, but I don't think this is related to any of them. And once again, you gotta love that "distinctive" artwork on the box cover (but all Sega Master System games had pretty rank covers).

Kung Fu Superkicks  chuck norris

Kung Fu Superkicks

You play the part of a monk who must save your monestary from a group of evil ninjas. For some reason, the game was first released with Chuck Norris on the cover and called "Chuck Norris Superkicks" but was later given a different title, even though nothing else was changed.

Kung Food box  Kung Food

Kung Food

This strange game has the plot of scientist transformed by some chemical who must fight the items in his kitchen. I told you it was strange.

Furry box  Furry

Fists of Furry

This fighting game with characters from the "Tom and Jerry" cartoons (what the hell were these designers smoking?) is named after the Bruce Lee movie Fist of Fury.

final fight  final fight

Final Fight 2

One of the levels takes place in Hong Kong, and you can see Chun Li (from "Street Fighter 2") in the background noshing on some noodles.

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