The Legend of Speed

Ekin trying to look cool

Besides offering lots of shots of Ekin Cheng trying to impress the ladies with his manly chest...

opening sequence  Ridge Racer

...the racing movie The Legend of Speed comes off as one of the most video game-influenced films to come out of Hong Kong. Right from the start, the movie's introduction is an almost shot-for-shot remake of Ridge Racer's opening cinema sequence.

Ridge Racer

The film's races also show the "lens flare" special effect (the "trails" coming off the headlights) used by many newer racing games.

Kelly dancing up a storm  NSX

The movie also features a video game duel; after Ekin's girlfriend (Kelly Lin) is dissed by a local punk who cuts ahead of her to get a turn on Dance Dance Revolution, Ekin challenges the gang to a match on the racing game NSX.

Harley Davidson

Before the duel, Ekin and Kelly enjoy a relaxing round of Sega's Harley Davidson racing game.

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