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Jackie Chan in Drunken Master  Lei in Tekken

This popular fighting game series features a character, Lei, who's based off of Jackie Chan. One of his outfits (pictured here) is similar to what Chan wore in the Drunken Master movies, and his other outfit looks like what Chan wore in Police Story.

Bruce Lee in Game of Death  Law in Tekken

Another character, Law, is based on Bruce Lee. One of Law's outfits is the famous yellow jumpsuit from Game of Death.


The commercial for the latest game in the series, Tekken Tag Tournament, features redubbed old-school footage from the movie Prince of Shaolin -- Jason Pai Piao is the sifu, and Ku Kuan Chung is "Pondskipper." (Thanks to "mike" from Mobius for the info.)

Click here to view the commercial (clip courtesy of AdCritic.com).

The TEKKEN Movie

Kristy Yang  Chin Kar Lok, Kristy Yeung and Stephen Fung

The team behind The Storm Riders completed the film version of the game -- sort of. Apparently, production was delayed because Wong "forgot" to secure the rights to the Tekken characters and was sued by Namco after he relased publicity photos from the set such as the ones above, which feature Chin Kar-Lok, Kristy Yeung and Stephen Fung. Production on the movie (which was going under sveral different titles, such as God of Fist Style, In the Name of Heroes, and Legend of the Fist Master) was totally halted at times because of legal troubles. Asked for a comment by reporters from The Sun, Andrew Lau said: "Actually, the case was settled a long time ago. The reason the movie hasn't been released yet is because there is extensive post-production and many special effects that have to be done. Also, we were waiting for a good time to release it!"

Here is the cast/crew list as it was first released:

Stephen Fung ........... Hwoarang
Wang Lee Hom ....... Kazuya *
Sammo Hung ........... Heihachi Mishima
Kristy Yeung .............. Ling Xiaoyu **
Gigi Leung ................ Nina
Chin Kar-Lok ........... Jack
Ron Smoorenburg ..... Bryan Fury ***
Cecilia Yip ................ Jun Kazama

Producer: Wong Jing
Writer: Wong Jing
Action director: Corey Yuen
Director: Andrew Lau

* - Has only appeared in one other movie, China Strike Force -- he's yet another US import. The Hong Kong Movie Database lists Yuen Biao as playing this part.
** - Also known as Kristy Yang.
*** - This was the big gweilo Jackie Chan fought on the rooftop at the end of Who Am I? who had the impressive kicks.

DVD cover  avenging fist

Roy Cheung

The movie finally came out in Hong Kong December 2001 under the name The Avenging Fist with a storyline that had little at all to do with Tekken (in fact, as seen by the pic of Roy Cheung above, it has more to do with Street Fighter II). Reviews were generally good, but not great -- however, the film (like most of Wong Jing's movies) went on to make a small profit at the box office.

Tekken movie  Tekken movie

The official movie adaptation of Tekken was released in 2010. Most critics were generally harsh to the picture, and Namco eventually tried to distance themselves from the film.

You can read our review of the movie here.

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