Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style

Wu-Tang Clan  Wu-Tang Clan

The kung fu connection with the rap group Wu-Tang Clan is pretty well known, but let's run through some of the basics for those who don't know. The group's name comes from the film Shaolin & Wu-Tang, and the title of their major label debut "Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers" is taken from 36th Chamber of Shaolin. Also, some of the band members' stage names are taken from kung fu movies as well, such as Master Killer.

Wu Tang box  Wu Tang screen

This fighting game is yet another example of the kung fu/Wu-Tang Clan connection. In it, you can play as one of 20 characters, including all the members in the band, and then fight it out in various arenas, including a Chinatown shop and Shaolin temple. Frankly, though, the game isn't that great -- it's more notable for being based on a game called "Thrill Kill" that was deemed so violent that it was banned before it was even released than for solid fighting action.

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