While one of GTA3's strengths is the non-linear gameplay, some users might find this confusing, or may simply want to "beat" the game quickly. To that end, this walkthrough presents the most direct way of getting through the story mode (ie, getting your revenge on Catalina, the woman that shoots you in the opening movie). This walkthrough, then, will not cover any of the side missions (like El Burro) or, for that matter, basic gameplay stuff -- I am assuming that you know most of the basics, which are covered in other FAQs anyway. So, here we go:



You have to escape from the cops and get rid of your prison duds.

Drive the car to your hideout. Then take 8-Ball to Luigi's club, after which you'll have to pick up Misty from the hospital and then go back to the club. Very easy stuff, just follow the dots on the radar and don't run over Misty.


Luigi wants you to kill the dealer who is giving a new drug called Spank to his girls.

Grab the bat outside of his club and then head to the Portland Docks. Instead of getting out and using the bat, just run the guy over. Get in his car and take it to the Pay N Spray back by Luigi's, and then over to his garage in Saint Mark's.


Very easy mission -- just pick up the tramp and bring her over to Joey's.



Mike has been late with some payments, so it's time for street justice.

Grab his car from Mark's Bistro and take it to 8-Ball's to get it rigged with a bomb. Make sure and drive carefully; if you damage the car too much (anything beyond a few scratches) the mission will be fubared. Even though you have a time limit, there is more than enough time so that you don't have to drive that fast -- the Esperanto has horrible handling at high speeds anyway. When you reach 8-Ball's, I suggest using the top-down view and backing into the garage to make things easier. Drive the car back to the Bistro, arm the bomb, get out and move away a bit, and then watch the fireworks.


It should be noted that after doing this mission, the Triads will not like you. They will shoot at you when you go by and they will try and jack you if you are in a car. If you want to do any of the side missions (like getting hidden packages in the area) you should do them before you complete this mission.

Chunky is selling Spank out of his noodle stand without the Mafia's permission, so it's time to teach him a lesson.

The stand is located in the pedestrian mall in Chinatown. There are two entrances, both of which are blocked to vehicles. In front of one is a car. Blow this up and drive your own car to the opposite entrance. Go into the mall a little bit so that Chunky starts running. Since his car is gone, he'll just run about the area like an idiot, making it easy just to run him over.

Alternatively, you can bring his car to 8-Ball's so that it blows up when he tries to start it. Or, if you've picked up the hidden packages or found weapons, simply toss a grenade at Chunky's stand or blow him away with your Uzi when he tries to run away.


Joey wants you to steal a Securicar (armored van).

Grab a big car -- I recommend the Patriot (Humvee) -- and go ram the van until the guards bail. The first time you ram the van, your wanted level will go to two stars. If you're scared of the cops, you can simply go to the Pay N Spray. Anyway, once you have the van, carefully drive it to the Portland Docks and park it in the garage by the blue circle.

Since this Securicar is bulletproof, you might want to keep it. You can do this by just taking it to your garage and blowing it up. You will have to redo the mission but now you will have the van in your garage, which comes in handy later (though it is not necessary). Also, you will notice that you will sometimes see other (non-bulletproof) Securicars on the streets during this mission. If you are planning on finishing the import/export garages, it's a good idea to grab one and stash it in your garage, since the Securicar rarely shows up outside of a mission.



Toni wants to teach the Triads a lesson by destroying three of their trucks.

If you don't have the Uzi, head to 8-Ball's first, where he'll give you some grenades. Now, find the vans and stop in front of them (make sure to not hit them) and pitch a grenade their way.

If you have an Uzi, get a car with some decent armor and simply do the drive-by on them.


Toni's tactics seem to have worked, as the Triads want to pay up. But it turns out to be a trap.

Head to the alley marked by the dot. Before you go down the alley, grab a smaller car like a Taxi and drive it to where the suitcase is. After you grab the case, three groups of Triads will come out, one by each exit. Get back in your car and leave the alley. Simply run over the guys on foot, and ram or drive-by the Fish Van. Once you have gotten rid of the Triads, head back to Toni's.


The crap's hit the fan, and all the Mafia bosses are meeting at Salvatore's mansion. You need to drive a limo and pick them up.

Since there is no time limit, drive carefully. The Stretch (limo) can take a lot of damage, but you're going to need it in tip-top shape for the last part of this mission. Pick up Luigi and Joey from their hideouts, and then head to Toni's. Before you stop in the blue circle, make sure the limo is pointed towards the right (facing in the direction of Capital Autos and 8-Ball's).

Once Toni gets in, the Triads wil start their assualt. Jam on the gas and take the first right. This road will lead you to Salvatore's. Don't worry too much about the Fish Vans, just keep going towards the mansion. When you get to the mansion, two Fish Vans will be blocking the entrance. Just ram through the middle or on the sides, and then take the limo to Salvatore's garage.



Salvatore needs you to keep an eye on his lady, Maria.

Take Maria to Callahan Point, where she gets some dope and info on a party. Next, take her to the party and hang out while she gets her swerve on. The cops, and a wanted level, will pop up for you. Don't panic and wait for Maria to get back in the limo. Take a left, cut across the grass and head down a few blocks. Keep a lookout on your right for an alley which has a Police Bribe in it. Head back to Salvatore's.

You don't need to grab the Bribe, but it helps.


Salvatore thinks a guy named Curly Bob is a rat and wants you to check him out.

Head over to Luigi's club and wait about a block away for Curly to get into a taxi. I suggest switching to the in-car view so you can hang back but still see Curly. If the "Spook-O-Meter" goes up, back off a little bit. Curly eventually stops at the Portland Docks, where sure enough, he shows he's a rat by talking to the Columbians. After the cutscene, just run Curly over to finish the mission.


There's a shipment of Spank coming in and Salvatore wants it destroyed.

Head to 8-Ball's (look for the blue circle in the back) and give him $100,000 for his services. If you need cash, go to the nearby fire station and jack the fire truck to do some missions.


8-Ball gives you a sniper rifle, and it's off to the docks.

Once you reach the blue circle, 8-Ball tells you to get ready. You should head for the roof of the building across from the ship (use the stairs nearby). Use the sniper rifle and begin taking out the Columbians, starting with the guys in front of the ramp, and then working your way right. You can use the barrels to add a little extra punch.

For PC users, I find using the mouse to use the sniper rife and M16 much easier than a gamepad or the keyboard.


If you want to do any of the other Mafia bosses' missions, you should do them before this mission.

Salvatore wants you do one last job -- get rid of a body stashed in a car -- but it's a double-cross.

Head for Callahan Point as Maria tells you to do, and you'll meet Asuka. Use her boat to travel to Staunton Island. The boats handle differently than the cars; you have to keep accelerating if you want to make a tight turn, and backing up is pretty much useless. You should take a bit of time and get used to the handling, as you will need to use boats in timed situations later in the game.

If you do get in the car with the body, you'll die, as Salvatore has rigged it with a bomb.

ASUKA (part 1)


First, if you want to do any of the side missions or anything else in Portland, I would suggest doing them now, because all of the gangs on that island will hate you after this mission. This isn't too much of a problem with the Diablos and Triads, but the Mafia packs shotguns, which can kill you right quick. There isn't any way to get the gangs back on your good side ala GTA2.

Asuka wants you to prove your loyalty by killing Salvatore.

He'll be leaving Luigi's club back in Portland in about three hours (game time, about five minutes real time). Use the Yakuza Stinger parked outside the condo to head to the club. If you don't already have a sniper rifle, stop at Ammunation (just down the road from Asuka's) and buy one.

When you get close to Luigi's, there will be a message about the Mafia spotting you and the dot marking the club will disappear. Don't worry, as long as you don't do around messing with the Mafia guys, you're good for now. Head to the roof of the building across the street from the club (look for an alley on the side that leads to a staircase). Go up and face Luigi's and wait for Salvatore to come out (he usually comes out later than what the game originally tells you) and use the sniper rifle to take him out.

If you want to go for style points, try using grenades or molotovs, but be aware that any Mafia in the area will come after you.


Asuka wants you to get rid of the Mafia spies in the area.

Once again, you will need the sniper rifle for this mission, so grab it from Ammunation if you don't have one. You should get it before the mission starts, because you have a six and a half minute time limit.

Anyway, once Asuka gives you your task, grab the Yakuza Stinger from the parking lot and head to the park, where the first group of Mafia guys are. There are two of them on an island in the middle of a pond. The pond is shallow and the Mafia spies are pretty dumb, so you can practically walk right up to them and use a grenade or molotov to take them out. Or, you can stand back and snipe them.

The second group is in Bedford Point, sitting in a van. Go up next to the van and use your Uzi to set the van on fire, or stand across the street and lob a couple of grenades at the van.

The final group is in the building across the street across from Kenji's Casino. You'll need to use the stairway on the outside of the casino to get to the roof, where you can have a clear shot at all of the Mafia guys using the sniper rifle. Once you begin firing, the Mafia thugs will fire back, but they are lousy shots, so don't worry too much.


There's a pervert in a boat taking pictures of Asuka and Maria playing with their "massager", and Asuka wants you to take care of him.

This is a very easy mission; just go to the dock by Asuka's and grab an Enforcer (police boat) and then use the boat's guns to blow up the peeper's boat. The best method is to continually fire as you're following the boat (press accelerate and fire at the same time).

If it is raining, you will probably have a problem hitting the boat, as the waves make it hard to aim. I would suggest going and saving your game, since that runs the game time ahead, and hopefully then you will have clear weather.


Asuka needs you to make the latest payment to a crooked cop, but he's paranoid and so (ala "Die Hard 3") you'll need to go to a series of pay phones before he'll meet with you.

The time limit for this mission is pretty tight, so you'll need a speedy car for this mission. The Yakuza Stinger parked outside the condo is a good choice, but for safety's sake, something like a Banshee (Ford Cobra-like car) or one of the other sports cars would be the best bet. There is a Banshee in the condo's parking lot, or else you could try going to Newport and looking for a Cheetah or Infernus (the Ferarri lookalikes); look around the shopping mall.

Also, neither of the phones that Ray says are "in" Belleville Park are actually in the park. Knowing this will save a lot of misery on this mission.

The first phone is outside of a building in Torrington, near the edge of the island. The second is on the right side of the road that leads to the draw bridge that leads to Shoreside Vale (which is blocked by concrete barriers at this point). The third phone is in the courtyard of the building of Liberty Campus closest to the hospital. Finally, the last phone is on the side of the building across the street of the south side of the park.

After you get to the last phone, the time limit is taken off as Ray directs you to meet him in the bathroom in the middle of the park.



Ray wants you to take out a witness being protected in a building next to the Pay N Spray (behind the parking garage in Newport).

You will need grenades for this mission, so head to Ammunation to get kitted out if you don't have any. Next, grab a big vehicle like a fire truck (the fire station is located to the north of the park, next to Uncle BJ's Deli). Take the truck to the sneak's hideout. When you get close, there will be a short cutscene showing a open window; this is where you need to throw the grenade.

Take the truck and park it against the garage door below the window. Get out and get about halfway between the building and the garage with the Blista (minivan) in it. This should be about the perfect place where you can chuck a grenade in the window with a full-force throw. It might take some experimenting, but it is possible; try using the sniper rifle to line up your throw if you need to. Watch out for any missed throws that might bounce back, and don't worry if you accidentally blow up the truck.

Once you get the grenade inside the window, the witness (along with a few cops) will try and come out of the garage door. The fire truck should slow them down, and all you have to do is roll a couple of grenades towards the truck, which will blow it (and the witness) up.


A friend of Ray's is being threatened by the Columbians, and it's up to you to help him out.

You have to head to the army base in Rockford, near the edge of the island. As you come into the base, take your vehicle and park it in the back alley. Go up and talk to the crazy vet, and he'll tell you to grab what you want. The M16 should be your first choice. If you're quick enough, you can use the Barracks OL (army truck) to hop up and collect the rocket launcher.

Once you see the dots on your radar, head back towards the front gate. Use you M16 to quickly blow up the Cartel Cruisers (large blue modified pickup trucks) as they drive in, and this should eliminate most of the Columbians right there. If there are survivors, use your Uzi to quickly mop them up. If the Columbians manage to get at you, remember that there is an Armor tucked between the boxes.

There are two Columbians that come through the back alley. The vehicle you planted there should slow them down or stop them completely, so go and finish those guys off and you've completed the mission. You can now return here to buy the high-powered weapons, but they are very expensive, so be frugal.

Note: the tank in the lot will be locked until you complete the last mission; the Barracks OL is bulletproof for this mission but is too big to be used to run over the Columbians in my opinion, though it still makes for excellent cover. It changes back to a regular Barracks after the mission is over.


The cops have some "embarrassing" photos of a mystery man, and Ray wants you to collect the evidence.

The evidence is being transported in a Bobcat (pickup truck). Just follow the truck, ram it and then collect the photos as they fall of the truck. There are six in all. If the cops get to be a problem, remember that you can always go to Pay N Spray. After you get the evidence, blow up your car.

This Bobcat is arguably the best car in the game, as it is impervious to bullets, fire and explosions. If you can tip it over, you can push it back to your garage. If you're going to attempt this, I would say to make sure to go to Pay N Spray after you hit it the first time. Your wanted level won't come back up for hitting the truck, so it is a fairly easy, but potentially time-consuming, task to push it. After you place it in your garage, the game will spawn another Bobcat for you to chase.



Donald needs you to rescue a man who is being held captive by the Columbians.

The Uzi and Grenades will be your friends on this mission, so make a stop at Ammunation if you're low on goods.

First off, you'll need to steal a Cartel Cruiser. You can easily find these by the construction site in Fort Staunton. Once you have the Cruiser, head to the "compound" in Aspartia, near your hideout. Once the gate is open, get out and use your Uzi to take out the guards in front of you, and then the grenades to dispatch the Columbians in the back.

If the Columbians have hurt you, remember that you can go to the nearby hospital to grab health.

Now, you'll have to check the three closed garages. A lone Columbian will be in two of them, and in the third (usually the last one you pick) will have a Columbian along with the hostage. As the garage doors open, press your aim button and you should have the Columbian targeted right away. Once you've killed all the Columbians, take the old guy back to Donald's.


Donald wants to start a gang war to drive down real estate prices, so he wants to make it look as if the Columbians have killed Kenji.

Of course, if you want to do Kenji's missions, you should do them before you start this one.

You'll need a Cartel Cruiser. If you're doing this mission right after the last one, you should still have one parked outside of Donald's, or else head back to Fort Staunton. Take the Cruiser and head to the parking garage. Go in the northern entrance and head to the top. You'll see a quick cutscene showing Kenji. Go up the last ramp and head for the left side where Kenji is. Gun it and squash Kenji. Keep accelerating and go for the ramp on the end of the garage. When you land, blow up your car and the mission is over.


Donald needs you to pick up some packages being dropped by a plane in the water near Asuka's condo.

If it is raining, you will most likely want to save the game or wait until the rain stops.

The time limit for this mission is very strict -- only two minutes -- so don't dawdle, and head for Asuka's condo. Go to the southern dock, where there is usually an Enforcer (if it's not there, the other boats will work okay). Head in the direction of the dot on the radar, but you don't have to get to it. When you see a small rocky island, stop there and face towards Staunton.

After the time runs out, the plane will begin dropping packages, six in total. Each package will raise your wanted level up to five. Just follow behind the plane and collect the packages. If you miss one, keep following the plane and go back after it has dropped all of the packages. If you were good and got all the packages right away, you should be right next to the northern dock by Asuka's. If not, hurry and grab any remaining packages before the cops get them and head back to the dock.

Once you hit the dock, haul ass to Asuka's and grab the Yakuza Stinger. Head directly to Pay N Spray to get the FBI off your tail, and then bring the goods to Donald.

After you finish this mission, Shoreside Vale will be unlocked.


If you have not finished Asuka's missions and want to do so, you should do them before this mission.

Apparently, all the work you did on the last mission was for nothing, as you didn't get the "real" package. You'll need to go to the airport and find the plane to get the stuff.

It's a good idea to have full health and armor, along with the sniper rifle, before starting this mission. I would also recommend a tough vehicle like the Patriot.

Head to the airport and find the hangar where the plane is parked. Not surprisingly, it's being guarded by a group of Columbians. The easiest way to do this part is to hang back and just use the sniper rifle. The Columbians might fire at you, but at long range, their machine guns aren't very accurate. Or else your could use your car and squash them. Their weapons will most likely rip up your car pretty quickly, but you can go to the nearby parking lot to get a new one. Once there are just one or two Columbians left (usually one hides behind the plane) you can easily get rid of them with your Uzi.

Once you get in the plane, you'll find that the package is not there. The game will direct you to the van outside and then back to the construction site in Fort Staunton. Once you get there, it will be crawling with Columbians. The best method for this part is to head to the second floor of the uncompleted building (second one from the north of the entrance; look for the ramp leading into it, and then the stairs going up to the second floor), and then snipe as many Columbians as you can. If you're hurt, there is both health and armor nearby. Head to the front of the blue part back on the ground and chuck a few grenades into there to mop up Columbians hiding behind walls, and then head in and use your Uzi to take out the rest of the Columbians.

When you finish off the thugs, head for the nearby elevator. There will be a cutscene where Asuka takes care of business. She will give you the package; take it back to Donald and you will have finally finished this mission.

After this mission, Asuka's base will switch to the construction site (thus eliminating any undone missions at her condo). The Yakuza also now control the area around the site, so it is a bit easier to move around in Fort Staunton, since fewer Columbians will be firing at you.

ASUKA (part 2)


Asuka's "persuasion" has gotten Miguel to spill that there are three death squads after you. Asuka offers to help as long as the Yakuza can get a bit of revenge.

You have to lead each of the three squads into the trap Asuka has set up at the top of the hill in Pike Creek (in a building near the road leading to Cochrane Dam). Follow the dots on the radar to find each of the three cars, and then lead them back to the trap. The Columbians drive like grannies so it shouldn't be any trouble keeping ahead of them. If you get too far away, they tend to get lost so keep that in mind. As you pull into the building's lot, there is an area in the back that you can hang out in while the Yakuza does their thing (stay in your car, or else the Columbians might leave -- also do not do in the fenced-off area, or else the Columbians will leave the lot). Once the third squad (twelfth Columbian) is dispatched, the mission ends.


The Columbians are selling Spank through coffee stands, and Asuka wants you to bust them up.

Once you hit the first stand, you will have eight minutes to finish busting up the rest. There are nine stands total; two in Portland (next to the Portland Docks and next to the entrance to Salvatore's mansion), five in Staunton (next to the parking garage, inside the park, in front of the church, on the street by the church and near the star-shaped statue by Kenji's casino) and finally two in Shoreside (near the subway entrance and at the hospital).

Since there is no time limit before you start busting up the shops, you can drive around and get them on your radar before you start if you wish. I suggest starting with the hospital one in Shoreside, moving on to Staunton and then Portland, using the bridges to get to the islands instead of the tunnel. The easiest method for most of the stalls is to run into them with your car, but for a couple of them (like the one in Belleville Park), it's easier just to lob a grenade at the stall. Just be careful, since the Columbian in each stall will open fire as soon as he sees you.

This mission is pretty easy once you know where the stalls are; the only part you really have to be careful on is the stall in front of Salvatore's mansion, since the Mafia and their shotguns can quickly blow up your car. My best advice is to get a new car before you go for it (this should probably be the last stall you destroy), hopefully one with decent armor, and haul ass. If you are close to the stall and your car is on fire, I would say to try and hit the stall, since you still clear the mission as long as the stall is destroyed.


If you don't have a sniper rifle, go over to Ammunation and get one before starting this mission.

There's yet another shipment of Spank coming in, and guess what, you have to stop it.

Grab the Yakuza Stinger parked in front of the construction site. Head to the dot on the map, where you'll find a rocket launcher and a boat. Take the boat out to the marker buoy. Now keep heading straight and you'll end up at the end of one of the runways at the airport. There's a ramp to the left where you can park your boat.

Up the ramp are several Columbians and a Cartel Cruiser. Use the sniper rifle to take out the Columbians and then run up the ramp to get to the runway. Face back towards Staunton, arm the rocket launcher and wait for the plane to come in. You will have only two or three good shots, so use them wisely. Once you blow up the plane, make sure you get out of the way as it crashes. Your wanted level will then go to four stars. Quickly pick up the packages the plane dropped and get in the Cruiser.

Sometimes one of the Columbians will take the Crusier and drive away. If this happens, head down the runway where there are two groups of Columbians by a couple of Cruisers. Take out the group on the right and grab their Cruiser.

As for the helicopter flying overhead, it's a good idea just to try and avoid it, since blowing it up raises your wanted level to five and puts the FBI on your tail.

Watching out for Columbians and cops prowling the area, head to the hangars by the entrance. In between some of the planes is a Police Bribe. Exit the airport and take a right, towards the subway. In the back of the fountain by the subway entrance is another Bribe. Head down to the subway and take it to the next stop, which is Liberty Campus in Staunton. The campus is right by the construction site, so finishing this mission should be no problem. Alternatively, if you're not spooked by the cops, you can just head to the Pay N Spray located in Pine Creek and then head back to the site.


This "mission" is really just a cutscene. Upon returning from the S.A.M. mission, you find Asuka and Miguel dead. Catalina has kidnapped Maria and is demanding $500,000 for her.

If you don't have the money, do the side missions or the rest of Donald's projects. Don't bother stockpiling weapons or cars. Once you have the cash, head for the Cartel Mansion (big fenced-in house in Cedar Grove in Shoreside).



When you get to the Mansion, Catalina takes your weapons and then (big surprise) double-crosses you. Now you have to rescue Maria and get your revenge on Catalina.

Once the cutscene ends, head for the garage, where there is armor and a Cartel Cruiser. Head for the gate and run over the two guards, taking their Uzis.

As you leave, you see a helicopter taking off and you must follow it. It's heading towards the top of Cochrane Dam, and you must destroy it within seven minutes. If you have ammo at your hideout (especially the sniper rifle, M16 or Rocket Launcher) head back there first by taking a right as you leave the Mansion and then a left to get on the windy road that leads to Wichita Gardens. There is a Banshee parked in a lot by this road that is probably a better choice than the somewhat slow and clunky Cruiser. After you grab your gear, take a left going out of the lot (down the hill) and then take a left -- the path will eventually lead to the Cochrane Dam.

If you don't have ammo, just go right to the dam. From the Mansion, take a right, go past the bridge, take another right, then turn onto the dirt road. Take another right at the end and you should see two Cartel Cruisers on the right side guarding the entrance to the dam. Crash through them and keep a look out on the right for a sniper rifle.

Another way to get to the dam is to take a left out of the Mansion, follow the road around the back, and then take a left. This way is quicker but you have to drive through Cartel territory.

Get out of the Cruiser and take out whatever guards you can with the rifle, saving the two closest to you for last. When just the two in front of you remain, switch to your Uzi and kill them, using the cars as cover. Make sure to grab the M16s they drop. If you already had the sniper rifle, you can just take everyone out, but grab the M16s if you don't have one.

When you advance in, there will be one or two Columbians hiding behind boxes; use the Uzi to get rid of them. Switch over to your M16 and go forward. There will be a short cutscene of the helicopter taking off.

Use the M16 to blow up the Barracks OL coming at you and to pick off any remaining guards in the area. When the helicopter passes over, head towards the face of the dam and hide in between the boxes. Switch back to your Uzi and head up the stairs.

Take out the three guards on the roof (make sure not to hit Maria) and grab the Rocket Launcher. You only have three shots, so make them count as you aim for the helicopter. Make sure you have a clean shot -- don't accidentally hit the vent things that are poking out of the roof -- and it shouldn't be too hard to hit the helicopter as it makes its' approach.

Once you blow up the helicopter, you've cleared the mission and gotten a cool million bucks. After the long credits sequence plays, you'll be back at your hideout in Witchita Gardens. Using this method will only clear about 30-40% of the game, so there is still plenty to do. You can go around and do any missions you have left (like vehicle or phone missions), though the gangs will still hate you.