Rise to Honor


Jet Li will be starring in a Playstation game. Here are some early details from GameSpot:

Sony announced a new PlayStation 2 game this morning that is currently known by the working title of Rise to Honor. The game will strive to mix realism with the cinematic stylings of Hong Kong action films and will star Jet Li, who has appeared in such films as The One, Lethal Weapon 4, and High Risk. Li will be motion-captured for the game, and the movement will be directed by Cory Yuen, who has choreographed fights in several of Jet Li's films. Li will be cast in the role of Kit Yun, the bodyguard of a Hong Kong crime boss named Boss Chiang. After Chiang is assassinated, Yun is charged with the task of finding the crime boss' daughter in America and returning her to Hong Kong. Yun's journey will take him to San Francisco.

"Working with the Foster City Studio team to create a game for the PlayStation 2 has been an exciting experience--very different from making a movie," Li said. "The motion-capture system allows for extremely realistic movements, and, in addition, we were able to use a lot of actions in the game that we can't normally put in a film. The results in the final game should provide the player with a genuine feel for the action."

Rise to Honor is currently scheduled for a fall 2003 release.

Here is an update with some new pics from Game Informer magazine. (Be advised that this is a 360KB file, so if you're on a 56K connection, you might want to grab a beer or something while it loads.)

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