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#80: Final Fight

Company: Capcom    System: Arcade

After Double Dragon ushered in the era of the beat-em-up, there were literally dozens of imitators. Final Fight was one of the few that got everything right, and became a classic itself. The game's great graphics, with its' huge characters, were the initial hook, but it was the gameplay that kept you pumping in quarter after quarter. With three characters that actually played differently from each other, one of the most interesting sets of villains ever, and some hilarious bonus rounds, Final Fight remains near the top of the beat-em-up heap.


#79: NHL Hockey '93

Company: EA    System: Genesis

How many hours did you waste in high school or college playing this? Sure, hockey games have gotten a lot prettier and more in-depth since this, but almost nothing can replace the sheer joy of knocking "The Great One" on his ass and seeing that little trickle of blood coming out.


#78: Gyruss

Company: Konami    System: Arcade

This shooter has its' share of frentic action, but it's the bad-ass remix of Bach's Toccata -- one of the first memorable musical soundtracks in a game -- that gains Gyruss a place on this list.


#77: Mortal Kombat

Company: Midway    System: Arcade

The most controversial game of its' time (it's a big reason why video games now have ratings), Mortal Kombat hasn't aged quite as well as some of its' contemporaries, but the visceral thrill of beating your oppenent to a pulp and then ripping his spine out is something few games, both before and since, have been able to match.


#76: Pitfall!

Company: Activision    System: Atari 2600

One of the first true platform games, Pitfall's extraordinary graphics (it's one of the earliest home games that actually looked like something other than a bunch of dots), multiple paths, and simple-yet-addictive gameplay turned many youngsters into amateur treasure hunters back in the day.


#75: Pole Position

Company: Namco    System: Arcade

The first racing game to truly capture a sense of speed, Pole Position might almost seem too simple by today's standards, but have you ever actually finished a race on here? And there is something to be said for a racing game that is just a racing game, rather than a geek-fest for the tuning crowd.


#74: Karate Champ

Company: Data East    System: Arcade

One of the first one-on-one fighting games, Karate Champ's unique dual-joystick control and long list of moves created a surprisingly deep game that remains a cult favorite to this day.


#73: Twisted Metal 2

Company: Sony    System: Playstation

Twisted Metal was an early hit on the PS, but it was its' sequel that took car combat to all-new heights. With outrageous vehicle designs, huge weapons, and, most importantly, large destructable levels (being able to blow up the Eiffel Tower in the Paris level was a definite "holy crap!" moment in gaming) proved the PS was here to stay and paved its' way to becoming one of the most popular home systems of all time.


#72: Gemstone Warrior

Company: SSI    System: Apple II

The graphics might not have been much to look at even at this point in time, but Gemstone Warrior was one of the first deep action/adventure games. The random location of items and the crafty AI of the enemies made this game a challenge every time you played it.


#71: Diablo

Company: Blizzard    System: PC

With fast action-packed gameplay, customizable characters, an emphasis on teamwork (but still allowing the player to explore and fight on their own), tons of items and weapons, random dungeons, and sly sense of humor, Diablo set the standard for the mega-popular MMORPG genre.