Video game versions of pinball are usually as exciting as watching paint dry. Almost shockingly, given its' relatively small library, the TurboGrafx actually had two excellent pinball games. The first, Alien Crush, mixes fast action with Giger-inspired graphics that make it an addictive packge to this day.

Though the setup is pretty simple with only two screens making up the playfield, the designers packed in enough to keep you interested while not being overwhelmed.

Of particular note are the bonus rooms, which can be accessed via skillfully shooting the ball at certain targets. It makes up for a nice change of pace, and the strategy needed for each room adds more dimensionality.

Some mention must also be made of the music. The TG16 is not really known for games with great soundtracks, but the stuff here definitely ranks among the best of the 16-bit era.

Even if you're not typically a fan of video pinball, give Alien Crush a try; you might end up pleasantly surprised.

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