The Neo Geo was always a system known for good fighters, and Art of Fighting was one of its' top franchises. However, after playing the first installment, it's a wonder there was even a second game, much less an entire series.

Sure, the game looks great -- the large sprites are impressive, even to this day. But despite some early innovations like a taunt button and "super" special moves, the game plays like a ton of bricks.

Your character is so sluggish that you'll find yourself getting pummeled by the first opponent. And if you do manage to make it further in the game, the puzzling three continue limit that the early Neo Geo VC releases share will soon have you back at the start.

And you can experience all of this with a whopping total of two characters, both of whom play almost identically to each other. To its' credit, the game does give you eight more characters in Versus mode, but who would want to subject a friend to this?

True, there's a lack of fighting games on the VC right now, but save your points for something more deserving than this.

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