The run-n-gun genre, though mostly regulated to niche titles now, was once one of the most popular. So it should come as no surprise that one of the first releases for the TG-16 (and the VC) was Bloody Wolf, a conversion of a minor arcade hit.

Like most games of the genre, Bloody Wolf has you dropping into an unnamed foreign country. Your mission is to rescue the president, but if you can kill a bunch of people along the way and unset the local dictator, then more power to you.

Bloody Wolf gives you a decent arsenal to work with. All the usual suspects are here -- machine gun, rocket launchers, and the like. But you also have a knife that you can use to kill enemies at close range. In fact, there are certain enemies that can only be killed with the knife, which adds a nice bit of strategy to the game.

The big problem here is that there's really nothing distingushing about the proceedings. There just feels like there should have been more "oomph" added. For instance, you can get a motorcycle, but it only comes up a couple of brief times during play.

With unlimited continues, most gamers will be able to blast through this fairly quickly. And without the two-player simultaneous mode these types of games really cry out for, there's not much replay value here either.

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