Back in the day, it was Castlevania that made me really want a Nintendo. The graphics and sound were second to none, and you got to beat up things with a whip. How cool is that?

So it was with a bit of trepidation that I made this game my first donwload on the VC. Would Castlevania hold up versus the high-powered machines of today, or was I just looking back at the game with rose-colored glasses?

Thankfully, the former was the answer. Though the graphics are obviously quite dated now (the dreaded NES flicker effect is here in spades), the game still holds up very well -- if you have a high tolerance for punishment.

Castlevania still ranks up there as one of the toughest games ever made, so you've been warned. If you're prone to controller-throwing spazz fits, you'd better stay far, far away from this game.

But, for those willing to take the challenge, when you've finally beaten Dracula, it actually feels like you've accomplished something. That's a nice feeling versus many modern games, which just feel cloned and hollow.

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