For most people, the Genesis and Super Nintendo were pretty evenly matched in the grpahics and sound department. But when Donkey Kong Country came out, it took the gaming world by storm. The graphics were unlike anything that people have ever seen, and the game was actually really fun to boot.

In the game, you control both Donkey Kong and his "little buddy" (ahem) Diddy, switching between them at will. Both of them play differently, with DK favoring strength and Diddy being the speed freak. You can also find all sorts of animal buddies to help you, each with their own special powers.

There's a ton of depth to be uncovered here, with lots of secret areas. This gives Donkey Kong Country a lot of replay value, something which many other platformers don't have.

Also of note is Donkey Kong Country's sense of humor. In a time when many games were taking the more violent route, DKC has a nice light-hearted approach. Of particular note is Cranky Kong, who never hesitates to dispense his own brand of crotchety wisdom.

And oh yeah, Donkey Kong Country still looks sweet. Those gamers with HDTVs will be pleasantly surprised how well the game has aged. It's just another reason why this game is a near-mandatory addition to your VC library.

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