Often unfairly tagged as a Street Fighter clone (though it actually came out before SF), Fatal Fury was probably the most successful franchise to come from the Neo Geo, with some of the characters still appearing in more modern games.

The first offering has some pretty big flaws. Most pointedly, there are only three characters to select from. Granted, they are pretty well-developed and sufficently different from each other, but it would have nice to have more variety.

Also, Fatal Fury is a fairly difficult game by today's standards. Even on the "easy" mode, it's still a hop, especially since you only have three continues.

So this probably ends up driving most people away from the game, but those with some patience can be rewarded well here. The gameplay is pretty fluid once the moves are learned (which admittedly can take some time), and the visuals and especially the music are still top-notch for a 2D fighter.

This is definitely the best of the initial Neo Geo offerings, and fighting game fans looking for some action could do a lot worse with their Wii Points.

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