After spawning many imitators, Namco finally released a sequel to Galaga with Galaga '88, which was then released on the TG16 as Galaga '90. Like the original game, Galaga '90 has you taking on waves of alien invaders, and you still have the ability to have your ship captured, rescue it, and then combine it with your new ship to double your firepower.

In fact, you can now select the double ship right at the beginning of the game, which takes away from the strategy somewhat. But it makes it easier to get the ultimate in Galaga firepower: the triple ship. As veterans of the first game might expect, this gives you a huge advantage in terms of firepower, but in the end it proves a bit useless, as the ship is so big, you'll end up getting hit quickly.

There are a couple of other notable changes this time out as well. There are now boss battles, which frankly aren't all that exciting, but they do provide a decent change of pace. Also, unlike the first game which was confined to static screens, there are scrolling portions. Though again, these bits don't exactly bowl the player over due to their slow pace and predictabilty of the enemies.

Overall, though, Galaga '90 is a fitting tribute to one of the legends of gaming and makes a fine download for most any shooter fan out there.

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