Lunar Pool is one of the lesser-known NES games, but, as it turns out, this is actually a pretty fun little billiards simulator.

Well, maybe "simulator" is the wrong word. Lunar Pool throws a lot of obstacles in your way, including hidden bumpers, strange table shapes, and wacky physics.

These bits end up making Lunar Pool more of a puzzle game, of which it succeeds to an extent. Cerebral play will definitely get you farther, but even the most nimble mind will still be tripped up by Lunar Pool's somewhat clunky controls.

Even by the NES' standards, the graphics are nothing to write home about. And the music will most likely drive you batty after about five minutes. Seriously. A five-year-old banging away on a Casio keyboard sounds better than what's presented here.

But even with these flaws, Lunar Pool is still a decent "chill-out" game. It's nice for those times when you feel like playing something, but not really digging in to a full-bore gaming session. There's even a decent two-player mode that ends up leading to surprisingly heated battles.

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