Long regarded as one of the toughest platformers ever, Magician Lord has made its' way to the VC, and makes a worthy purchase for any action fan looking for something to test their mettle.

To be quite honest, the story is a lump of twaddle, which is made even more apparent by the hilariously cheesy voice samples the main villain "taunts" you with. It's kind of hard to take someone seriously when their insults consist of gems like "Your power is powerless". Okay, settle down there, tough guy.

But where Magician Lord falls short in that area, it more than makes up for in the graphics and sound department, which still remain some of the best 2D stuff ever created. Even though it's fifteen years old, Magician Lord is still a treat for the senses.

And thankfully, it remains a fun game to play -- if you have a tolerance for pain. The inventive power-up system, which allows you to morph into several different characters, definitely sets Magician Lord apart from the pack.

Magician Lord is an unrelenting game that will cause many gamers to throw down their controllers in despair, but those who are good enough to beat it will find themselves feeling very satisfied.

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