One of the original releases for the NES, Pinball's cover art proclaims it to be part of the "action series", complete with a graphic of a big explosion. Well, there's no explosions and really not that much action in the traditonal sense to be found here, but this is still a good video version of the flipper-waggling pastime.

Pinball, as you might expect, is pretty simple stuff. The only real "story" or goal present here is to try and top your old high score, which, in a nice touch thanks to the VC, is actually saved from game to game in this version.

The actual gameplay is only contained to two screens, but most of the traditional pinball shots and combos are present here. Skilled players will be able to access a bonus level, where they control Mario in a Breakout-esque stage and try to free Pauline from Donkey Kong fame.

Pinball does come off as a bit slow (you'll definitely want to play on the faster setting) and simple, but for a video pinball game, this isn't too bad. If you've already downloaded Alien Crush and Devil's Crush and are still in the mood for more fliptastic antics, Pinball should fit the bill.

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