If you're someone that grew up with the NES, do you even really need a reason to download Punch-Out? No? Great. Then go and do it right now.

Okay, so maybe you're a whippersnapper that's never played this. To start with, Punch-Out has great graphics for the NES; they're among the best stuff ever produced for the machine. Your opponents are large and well-detailed, and each has a distinct (and often hilarious) personality.

Yeah, most of them are based on stupid stereotypes (i.e., stuff like a Japanese guy named "Piston Honda" or an Indian called "Great Tiger") but as long as you're not a politically correct tool, you'll get the jokes the game throws at you.

Most importantly, Punch-Out still plays smooth as a baby's ass. Sure, it doesn't have the fancy controls of games like Wii Sports Boxing or Fight Night, but it's still an absolute cracker to play.

Sadly, though, this is not the original version featuring everyone's favorite ear-biting rapist, Mike Tyson, as the final champion. But the fact that you no longer have to use passwords to start up from where you left off makes up for that.

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