Break In has three modes, with the main one being "simulation", where you must play a series of ever more challenging opponents so that you can earn enough money to not be thrown off of a cruise ship. Yes, I'm serious, that's the story.

Anyway, the other modes are "action", where you can pick from one of six variants of pool and face off against either a buddy or computer-controlled opponent. Lastly, we have "technique", where players have to master various trick shots.

The gameplay is fairly simple, though you can get into adjusting your shot to add english and more bounce if you so desire. Combined with a lounge-influenced soundtrack that is positively infectious, Break In has the makings of a good relaxing gaming experience, especially if you're playing with a friend.

If there is fault to be found with the game, it's with the graphics. They're pleasant enough, but the balls could have been clearer. It's hard to see their numbers, and even sometimes if they're stripes or solids. But the graphical flaws aren't big enough to derail the game. If you're looking for a simple pool simulation on the Wii that doesn't use motion controls, then Break In is right up your alley.

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