Chase H.Q. plays out a bit differently than most racing games. Taking the role of a cop, you have sixty seconds to catch up to a wanted criminal, and then another sixty seconds to bring them to justice by ramming their car until it's a scrap heap.

Sure, this concept might not seem all that novel in a post-GTA world, at the time, Chase H.Q. was definitely one of the most unique and fun arcade games out there. Unfortunately, the home versions all seemed to suffer from problems, and the TurboGrafx one was no exception.

While the graphics and sound are very solid for the system, the controls -- vitally important in a fact action game like this -- just seem to be a little off. It doesn't help matters that the other drivers on the road are idiots, and will sometimes block up all the traffic lanes.

Of course, this doesn't affect the criminal cars, as they seem to be able to simply pass through any traffic with nary a scratch. All this can sometimes end up to leaving the player feeling very frustrated.

Still, most of the core gameplay remains intact, and as such, this makes a worthy download for fans of the arcade version, especially given the spartan selection of racing games on the VC at this point.

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