Cho Aniki's story (which is presented in Japanese only, due to this being an import release) has something to do with your standard evil-dude type who wants to take over the universe through the power of protein. It's up to a woman and a less than masculine guy, and their friends, an oiled-up duo of bodybuilders clad only in speedos, to save the day.

Sound weird? It sure is, even by Japanese game standards. Okay, it's not on the level of a hentai tentacle porn game, a school bus driving sim, or that creepy aracde machine where you stick a virtual finger up an ass. But it sure stands out in the VC's crowded field of shooters.

Besides the wacky visuals, the soundtrack might also have you thinking you just dropped a bad hit of acid. Ranging from cock-rock to opera to calypso, Cho Aniki definitely has one of the most varied and unique groups of tunes ever put on a game.

Even though the base game itself isn't anything all that special -- though it is done well -- the audio/visual presentation of Cho Aniki makes it worth a download. If for nothing else, it makes for a great conversation piece in your VC collection.

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