One of the initial offerings for Nintendo's new WiiWare service, Defend Your Castle is an enhanced version of a popular flash game.

The aim is pretty simple -- protect a castle from storming invaders. You accomplish this by using the Wiimote to move a clamp towards one of the invaders, press A or B to grab them, and then fling them via a flick of the wrist.

It's a simple and somewhat repetitive game mechanic, but surprisingly fun. A bit of strategy is thrown into the game as well. As the number of invaders increases, the player must whether to fortify their castle, or go for firepower via buying upgrades like wizards.

Overall, this isn't a bad game at all, but is it worth 500 points, especially when you can use your Wii to just play the flash version for free online? The graphics have been upgraded, and the multiplayer mode is a nice addition.

If they had gone all the way and added online play (or at least scoreboards), this might have ended up being one of the better downloadable games on the Wii, but as it is, I can only give this version of Defend Your Castle a mild recommendation.

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